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Introduction to the Beyond Success Blog series

Nov 8, 2022
   |   by 
Bill Robinson

Our tagline, “BEYOND SUCCESS”, describes perfectly what we at Makira aspire to.  This blog post, and the series that follows, explains what “beyond success” means to our clients, partners, and associates.

We empower omnichannel retailers and brands to go from surviving to thriving. By offering fit-for-purpose retail modernization services supported by expert collaboration, we align people, process and technology to bring their vision to life.

Our unique approach is the difference between merely a successful outcome - in the traditional sense of getting the project done on time and within budget - and going beyond success. We partner with our clients to adapt their retail systems for the challenging reality that is the ever-changing today.

In the coming series, we will explore some of the key concepts we embody to ensure the very high standards that our clients count on. These include:

·       Alignment

·       Mastery

·       Depth

·       Reliability

·       Elegance

·       Dependability

·       Adaptability

·       Governance

Each of the concepts go towards forming our core values and what we believe will take us beyond success.

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