Our Focus.

Technology and Consulting Services For Specialty Retailers:

Adapting to today’s market realities
Excellent project management
Unparalleled data integrations skills
Collaborating with the right software partners

Your Focus is Our Focus

The epicenter of your retail systems landscape.
Enhance the customer journey with our exquisite data integration capability. Our expertise allows you to make the fundamental changes required to achieve fully integrated commerce.
Leverage inventory availability.
Avoid disruptions due to unsynchronized data.
Adapt quickly to dynamically changing use cases per your business needs.

Software We Have Experience With

21st Century POS
From traditional POS to mobile POS, kiosks, IoT or the next customer engagement widget in the store, we can quickly and inexpensively help you deploy and integrate your touchpoint solution to realize the potential of the instore marketplace.
Keep pace with innovation to enrich your customer’s shopping experience
Achieve timely, orchestrated data synchronicity.
Connect with enterprise tables with a singular view of data across touch points
Easily connect to popular industry solutions with standard connectors

Software We Have Experience With

Building more agility into the supply chain.
The pandemic revealed structural weaknesses in the supply chain workflows making it difficult to make large scale rapid adjustments to suppliers. We are working with progressive retailers to build more agility into their supply chain processes.
Enable rapid large-scale adjustments to supply chain
Become nimbler and more collaborative with suppliers
Streamline supply chain process, eliminating unnecessary administrative costs
Unify sales reporting for execs and planners across the entire customer journey.

Software We Have Experience With

Bring your business to the next level.
Is your long-running ERP hindering your business progression? Whether migrating to a new era ERP or integrating your existing ERP with new retail solutions, we can help you navigate and implement long term solutions.
Increase user productivity and eliminate expensive and disconnected “work-arounds”
Align your ERP to today's changing requirements
Leverage your valuable historical data through well-designed data migrations
Achieve enterprise-wide data integrity
Achieve enterprise-wide data integrity

Software We Have Experience With

Drive your business with cross silo insight.
The new reality requires new metrics, new ways to benchmark success, deep understanding of the customer journey and the complete elimination of information silos. With our partners we can provide insights and next generation analytics into these fundamental shifts in a cloud ready solution.
Track and interpret customer journey metrics.
Derive better ways to benchmark success.
Establish better metrics to measure customer retention, inventory, sales, costs, etc. across all channels.
Eliminate channel silos.
Incorporate external data to increase insight.

Software We Have Experience With

500 Friends
Advanced Technology Group
Fujitsu Glovia
Full Circle
Heartland Retail
Manhattan Scale
Microsoft Dynamics

.. and so much more!


With success in each of these critical areas, you can leverage your operations to become formidable competitors to industry giants.
We work with our clients to measure the results of our projects in the following nine categories:
Salmon Colored Checkmark
Increased sales and margins
Salmon Colored Checkmark
Greater return on inventory
Salmon Colored Checkmark
Improved relationship with clients and suppliers
Salmon Colored Checkmark
Reduced expenses and higher productivity
Salmon Colored Checkmark
Better alignment of current systems to today’s needs
Salmon Colored Checkmark
Maximized return on current and past technology investments
Salmon Colored Checkmark
Freed up technical resources
Salmon Colored Checkmark
Reduced risk of installing new software
Salmon Colored Checkmark
Lowered overall costs of systems implementation

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