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Client Planning Challenges

  • Lack of clear road map or vision
  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • Miscalculated level of effort
  • Lack of organizational alignment
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Client Selection Challenges

  • Lack of expertise to prepare an RFP/RFI
  • Unfamiliar with retail software landscape
  • Lack of internal resourcing to execute selection process
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Client Execution Challenges

  • No bandwidth
  • Little to no governance
  • Underestimated level of effort
  • Need additional level of expertise
  • Lack of organizational alignment
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Our experience provides clients with the assets they need to execute a successful RFI/RFP project.


Clear vision of your technology/architecture roadmap 
Shorten the buying cycle with our streamlined and focused RFP process
Set up proper governance to ensure compliance from all parties
Gain better insight into your business requirements
Identify potential risks

Selection Services

Makira will partner with you to ensure your RFP reaches the right vendors, perform a thorough assessment, and ultimately guide you through the final selection process.


Optimize the RFP process using a highly targeted approach
Ensure a fair and objective result using our scoring system
Our customized vendor demo scripts will ensure credible evaluations
Draw on our vast experience to guide you to the right selection


Makira’s proven Project Management and Data Integration methodology, and our expert technical guidance, results in a successful implementation.


Engage Makira to manage the project implementation so your resources can focus on their responsibilities
Utilize our established project governance to ensure effective communication and mitigation of risk
Rely on our experts to focus on the things that matter to eliminate the noise
Eliminate project delays and data errors with our proven data migration/integration tools and methodology
Ensure quality with our comprehensive testing process

Our Expertise


Makira is here to ensure your project is implemented successfully. We fully engage users and ensure software options are configured to customer needs. We employ best practices in project management, risk mitigation and data integration. We utilize the appropriate Project Management methodology to ensure timely deliverables within scope and budget.

Retail Data Integration & Transformation

Makira has mastered every nuance of retail data integration - a discipline critical to every project's success. This dramatically reduces your overall project cost and mitigates the corrosive impacts of botched data migration. When you entrust data integration to us, you free up valuable internal resources and achieve consistent data integrity.

Project Management & Change Management

When Makira manages IT projects, we never lose sight of our client's value aspiration. We adapt to your preferred PM methodology whether agile, waterfall, or blended. Our focus is on timeliness, reducing costs, and achieving the highest quality.

Staff Augmentation

Specialty retailers are faced with critical needs and short staff. Delay is not an option. Makira's staff is here now - disciplined, affordable, and committed - to be an extension of your team.

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