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A formidable ETL tool that specializes in data transformations.
A feature-rich tool that enables the development/delivery of any data transformation/file movement across a wide range of data sources and destinations. It can be extended to read or write to almost any kind of data connector, using custom code in .NET. Execution is on a scheduled/timely basis, and all results/errors are logged, with alerts defined as needed.


Connect real-time APIs, deploy in the cloud, and scale as needed.
Our newest generation ETL tool is built on micro-service, docker-enabled technologies. Symphony is designed and built to meet the challenges and technologies being used today. With Symphony, we can connect APIs in real-time, deploy in a cloud-hosted environment, and scale as needed. Our new generation tool eliminates the limitations and complexities Retailers face, as they try to connect their systems across many platforms/technologies.


Benefit from our library of standard connectors.
Over the years, Makira has built a library of standard connectors that can easily be adapted to client requirements. Speed, re-usability, and low cost connectors ensure our clients can rapidly add new use cases without the difficulty of re-inventing the data integration wheel.

PO Express

Work the way you want to work.
PO Express extends your Purchase Order Management solution with an elegant, comprehensive, web-based software solution customized to the exact way you want to work. Removing unnecessary features, improving accuracy, and streamlining your workflow for all users of supply chain information. Built on a .NET microservices platform, using a SPA Reactive UI and fully integrated to your ERP system.

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