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Irina’s Mission to Help Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

Nov 30, 2022
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Mia Saks

Irina Gheorghiu, Senior PM at Makira, is not one to sit still when people are in need. Being based in Romania, she and her countrymen have been at the front lines of the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Irina knew that she had to do something and reached out to her colleagues at Makira. We raised $4000.00 and Irina was quickly at work, visiting towns on the Ukrainian border and buying supplies for the many women and children who had left with little notice and few belongings.

Over the past few months, the situation has changed with Irina’s focus now being on some of the refugees staying in her town. She writes:

“Things have changed with the refugee situation over the course of the last couple of months in the sense that there is no longer an influx of newcomers, while the existing refugees passed the basic needs asks that we had in the initial stages.

I have still been able to buy clothing, back to school things for children located in a village near Iasi in the summer. In particular, the boy in the picture, who is an orphan, lives with a foster family and goes to the local church every Sunday.

There is also a mother that connected with me for summer clothing and sandals for her little girl. She also wanted a pink scooter. I could not find a pink one, but orange was appreciated as well!

Then coming into fall, I was part of a discussion about a young man who wanted to do a front-end development course but did not have the means to pay for it. I have made a surprise donation and I was told that this donation has changed his life. The course is ongoing, and it will give him an opportunity to work in the IT industry.

The money we raised did make a difference and brought tears of joy to the recipients and - in many cases - it changed their lives.”

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