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Is there a connector for that?

Mar 16, 2018
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Bill Robsinon

In the quest to harmonize technical innovations with traditional back-office systems, data integration is taking center stage in the retail industry. The sheer volume of the points of integration has multiplied as retailers pursue new ways to unify commerce, connect with customers, and manage supply chains. The software and services market is replete with a rich set of point solutions that address real opportunities for competitive advantage.

But each requires complex integration. If you download our free eBook, Integrating Unified Commerce with your Back Office, you’ll gain perspective on the enormity of the task ahead and gain understanding of the pitfalls of narrowing scope in this work.

It’s time to give data integration the attention it deserves.

We’ve learned that, to reduce the cost and risk of data integration, the central element is the Connector. It facilitates communication, coordination, and data conversion between two applications.


• Data passing

• Action initiation

• Frequency and balance load management

• Bi-directional exchange facilitation

• Synchronization issues resolution

• Data staging for field-to-field mapping

• Record identification issues mediation

• Duplicate and gap identification

• Orchestration between cloud and on premise

• Statistics recording

Throughout our entire company history, RIBA has faced countless integration challenges that range from complex APIs, web services, and cloud platforms to batch point-to-point conversions. 

Our “Connectivity Library” has become formidable, especially as it relates to the specialized needs of leading ERP systems to interact seamlessly with POS, eCommerce, warehouse management, HR, wholesale, and financials. Our clients would agree that a good connector drives down costs and dramatically reduces risk.

The key question to ask before investing in a 3rd party solution or working with an integrator: Is there a connector for that?

If you face connection issues, please give us a call. We might just have a connector for that.

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