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RIBA-AYDEPT Merger Announcement

Sep 13, 2020
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Rick Boretsky

RIBA Retail and Aydept Consulting have merged to form RIBA-AYDEPT – a boutique consulting firm designed to provide better and more affordable technology services for retailers.

Montreal-based RIBA, founded and led by Rick Boretsky, comes into the merger as a master of retail data integration. Their expert status is bolstered by a flawless track record – dozens of retailers attest to RIBA’s ability to develop data integrations on time and within budget.

We want to help our clients rid themselves of information silos and present a seamless customer experience with better omni-channel integration. – Rick

Denver-based Aydept, founded by Andrew Miller, brings disciplined project management with a focus on user engagement and tangible business benefits. Aydept has built a stellar reputation managing dozens of mid-scale and large-scale retail implementations in a wide range of applications.

Getting project management right avoids duplicative efforts, unnecessary “progress” meetings, and unrealistic expectations to ensure projects gets delivered on-time. – Andrew

Why we merged

The new venture capitalizes on the unquestioned synergy between the firms – complementary skills, common values, compelling vision, and shared experience of working together on many successful projects.

Additional motivation for the venture includes leveraging multi country operations and strengthening our appeal to partners. Our broadened capability and ability to deliver success at lower cost will help us compete effectively for new business. – Rick’

The “Covid punch”

The merger comes at a time when Covid has delivered a gut punch to the world of retail. Most retailers have had to reduce their internal technical staff while their internal systems have struggled to keep pace with the changing consumer and supply chain disruption.

The Covid shut down has exposed the need for retailers to become nimbler and more collaborative with supply chains. This ultimately comes down to improved, agile workflows. – Andrew

To answer these challenges, RIBA-AYDEPT has identified five areas of focus to help retailers, during a pandemic (and beyond):

  • Omni-Channel integration
  • Customer Touchpoints
  • Supply Chain Workflow
  • Enterprise Modernization
  • and Analytics

With more knowledge and experience, RIBA-AYDEPT is positioned to provide the technology that mid-sized retailers so desperately need at an affordable cost.

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