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Nov 30, 2022
Irina Gheorghiu, Senior PM at Makira, is not one to sit still when people are in need. Being based in Romania, she and her countrymen have been at the front lines of the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Irina knew that she had to do something and reached out to her colleagues at Makira.
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Nov 29, 2022
In this post, we highlight the importance of the unique expertise and deep knowledge we bring to the retail modernization projects we take on.
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Nov 15, 2022
Our projects are driven by our clients’ need to enhance shopper experience, streamline the supply chain, and gain more knowledge. Their process leads them to a vision of their unique version of retail modernization. It’s vital for us to understand how this vision motivates their decision to invest in technology and embark on an IT project.
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Fall down the rabbit hole of retail technology.

Pandemic Exposes Cracks in Retail Technology

6 Part Series
   |   Feb 11, 2021
Though the retail industry is constantly evolving to better suit consumers’ and manufacturers’ needs, the pandemic has exposed existing cracks and challenges within retail technology.


The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has exposed cracks in retailer’s ability to adapt to a remote world. Ther systems and software may not be equipped for the integrated commerce required to function during lockdown.

Crack 1 – ERP System Fitness

Is it time to consider replacing your legacy ERP? Understand your system’s fitness and consider these strategies for getting your ERP system functioning well in a remote world.

Crack 2 – Fully Integrated Order Management

Is your order management fully integrated within your operation? Is it truly necessary to ensure that it is? We’ve uncovered the secrets to fully integrated order management in a pandemic-run world.

Crack 3 – Touchpoint Solutions

The market for touchpoint solutions has grown in popularity among retailers who are seeking answers to minor problems in their traditional system management.

Crack 4 – Supply Chain Workflow

The pandemic has forced many retailers to take a hard look at their supply chain workflow. There are six essential processes to customer purchases that should be adaptable to large changes brought by COVID-19.

Crack 5 – Analytics

Analytics are a common denominator for exposing cracks in technology for most mid-sized retailers. Updating the focus on analytics helps retailers understand where pain points are in their organization.



Beyond Success: Adaptability


Beyond Success: Elegance


Beyond Success: Depth

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